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How Are YOU Treating LIFE?

We wrote this book as a way to share with others our personal experiences and the steps to break free from unwanted beliefs and habits. Knowing that our thoughts and beliefs have a direct impact on our daily experiences, we asked ourselves, "What if we could affirm Universal Truths that are good for all?"


We wondered, "What if readers knew that they possessed the power to transform their lives in this very moment?"


With this goal in mind, we distilled a huge amount of information into seven basic affirmations that develop a peaceful state of being, internal happiness, and harmonious fulfilling relationships. These affirmations help rewrite old thought patterns, to create a way of thinking aligned with Life's Universal Truths.


Each affirmation is intended to support the development of heart and mind. We hope that you will find this beneficial to your journey.


ISBN 978-0-9760196-7-1